Yoga was traditionally taught one-on-one with yogic masters passing down wisdom to their students in a way that was meaningful to each student. Individualized attention for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth is perhaps even more important in today’s fast-paced, multitasking life.

Yoga allows us to look at our pains and discomforts and ask ourselves – what are we meant to learn from these sensations in our bodies? Why do we feel discomfort or relief in the areas that we do? What is it telling us about ourselves and the way in which we live our lives?
— Michael Lee, author of "Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy - A Bridge from Body to Soul"

Private yoga therapy sessions can help you delve deeper into your body, heart and mind and aid the release of blockages that can be difficult to process in a class setting.

By working one-on-one with Farah at her home studio or in your own home, she can better address your specific needs and goals. Whether you are working through an injury or medical condition, struggling with emotional challenges, wishing to refine your home yoga practice, or have a desire to cultivate a more yogic lifestyle, private sessions can equip you with valuable tools for happiness whatever your current situation. 

Home Studio in Brooktondale, NY. 

Home Studio in Brooktondale, NY. 

After one private yoga session with Farah, I learned more than I have in all the other yoga classes I’ve ever taken, combined. Farah is completely focused and attentive, and helped me find movements that were exactly right for my body at that moment. She has a rare ability to hear and respond to her students needs, and at the same time encourage them to listen to their own intuition and move with their bodies. I enjoyed her calm compassion and the joy she brings to yoga.
— Alexis, 31
Although I’ve been physically active my whole life, and I clock in 50 miles of running and biking a week, it was so hard to keep up in yoga class. After just one hour session with Farah I have a better sense now of how to modify for my tight hamstrings and get a good stretch in my back and shoulders. After the session, she gave me a prescription for what I need to be doing at least three times a week so that I’m more flexible. I left feeling like all these knots in my body were untied. Waking up the next morning ... I felt so refreshed, not achey like I usually do.
— Robert, 47

Private yoga sessions are for you if:

- You are new to practicing yoga and want to be able to keep up in large group classes;

- You want to learn details about poses and proper alignment, breathing and meditation that may otherwise be difficult to learn in a large group setting;

- You struggle with certain poses or have medical issues that need attention;

- You want to learn modifications for poses, how to use props, and receive adjustments

- You want to safely and slowly learn advancing postures such as inversions, arm balances and backbends;

- You have an injury/just had surgery but want to keep practicing without hurting yourself further;

- You want to reduce pain and muscular tension in a specific area of your body;

- You would like to learn breathing techniques for deep relaxation and meditation for stress relief


Some students find that just a few sessions are enough to take their yoga to the next level, while others prefer regular sessions to augment their group and home practice. Consider a private session for guidance and personal attention in your next step toward becoming more skillful in life, enhancing wellbeing, having healthy relationships, and becoming an ally with your mind.



$50-$60/hour -- depending on if the session is at the client's home or office or my studio. The distance and time it takes to get to the session is also factored in. Reduced rates offered for students that take private group classes with me.

Contact me at to book a private yoga therapy session.