As a Certified Kripalu Yoga teacher, awareness and compassion guide my classes. I aim to create a nourishing and safe space where students can find their level of challenge, explore edges and uncertainties and create more grace and flow both on and off the mat. My goals are for students to learn techniques to release tension and pain, build mental and physical strength, increase mobility and ultimately come to know their individual state of balance between the material and spiritual world. 

Through yoga therapy I am committed to giving students the emotional and physical support they need to get unstuck from old patterns and belief systems that don’t serve them. By bringing attention and awareness to their true selves, I help students unravel layers of mental, emotional and physical habits that are sources of dis-ease in the body. 

Many people say to me they can’t do Yoga because they're not very flexible. But if your body is tight, this is all the more reason to practice. And at the end of the day, it's not important whether you can touch your toes; it’s more important that you are flexible in the mind! Yoga is not about bending oneself into a pretzel, or being a great gymnast. Yoga is union – the yoking of mind, body and spirit. It can be any practice we undertake mindfully, witnessing and observing the self, without judgment and fear, but with complete curiosity and consciousness. Whether we are gardening, cooking a meal, observing a religious holiday, or making music and dancing, we are doing our Yoga!

As human beings, it is in the precious times of creation, community and honoring of traditions that we can connect deeply with the temple of our bodies and attune to our spirit. It is the connection to ourselves that helps us to rebuild, and show up more whole, ready to participate in the world.

By healing the self, it is a step in the healing of all creation.