Bring your family, friends, neighbors, or a any group together to practice Yoga in the privacy of your own home or space, whether it is for a one time special event or a regular weekly practice. Check out the classes below or work with me to tailor a class that meets the needs of your group.


Kripalu Gentle/Beginners Flow

Kripalu Yoga is an integrated system of warm-ups, postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques that are self-transforming! In this class we use props to help support our bodies, as we match breath to movement, focus our attention and explore the collective strength of connective tissue, joints and muscles. Clear, detailed instructions including options for poses are given so students may develop a heightened sense of body awareness. In addition to proper physical alignment, Kripalu Yoga focuses on aligning thoughts, feelings, and actions, so that our self-expression in the world reflects our growing knowledge of our true nature. Through this practice you can enter meditative states that awaken compassion and transform your sense of what it means to be alive. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a spend most of your time sitting behind a desk, this class is for YOU!


Kripalu Moderate-to-Vigorous Vinyasa Flow

This class is more of a strengthening practice that includes longer holding times, more inter-connective flow between postures, meditation in motion, greater emphasis on internal awareness and less detailed instruction. Asana is synchronized with controlled breathing and energy locks (bandhas). An internal heat is produced in the body, allowing for purifying of the organs. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a challenge, or you have a strength training regimen and want to gain flexibility and increase mindfulness, you are welcome to join!

*Familiarity with yoga postures is required.


Private Group Rates

1 hour class - $25/individual  

Contact me at to book a private group session.