"I hated yoga after the first few classes. Then something happened and I "got it". It has helped my posture, ability to relax, and flexibility. I feel more centered like all my scattered energy has been gathered for me to use. My allergist was amazed at my last breathing test. I was 130% of normal lung function. She asked if I did yoga...

It has given me a method through breathing to find my center and relax which I can use anywhere in my life. I feel more positive energy. I am more flexible and toned which has helped with my hobby of dog training and showing. I wanted a low impact exercise to stay limber and gain strength. I got much more than I thought I would out of these classes. In addition to meeting my goals, yoga has helped me with stress reduction, relaxation and focus.

Lynne, 60


“Farah, your classes have totally exceeded my expectations. Thank you for taking the time to break down the poses in such a way that is educational and helps me get more into my body. I now know what modifications I can take for my hips and low back. I feel safe and I appreciate that you don’t push me into poses – you have a firm but very accurate touch. Each session is a challenge --I’m feeling muscles I didn’t even know I had and learning so much more about myself!”

Dinah, 36


"As an active triathlete, I started taking yoga for its long term health benefits – increasing flexibility, core strength, focus and relaxing the mind. What I didn’t know to expect were the immediate effects of yoga – very effectively relieving post training muscle soreness/stiffness, and even better - a pretty bad neck pain that bothered me for several days was completely gone at the end of class! Farah combines a very relaxed and flowing atmosphere with challenging practice and excellent stretches that I look forward to every week!"

Roy, 42


“The personal attention Farah gave me helped me find a soothing balance between the physical and meditative aspects of yoga for which I am so grateful.

I want you to know I continue to use all the breathing techniques. They help tremendously with my moods and insomnia. It's quite shocking actually.”

K.R., 37


“These classes are a great workout without the stress and impact of aerobic exercise. I find that I use the breathing exercises outside of class. I really enjoyed the summer session. It was just challenging enough. I like that each session is different and we never know what we will do next.”

Jackie, 40


“I like what you said about finding our edge in each pose – that place between sensation and pain. It took me awhile but I get that now. I’m able to find that place when I’m running or even when I have to deal with an uncomfortable work situation. I feel so much stronger after taking your classes – both in mind and spirit.”

 Denis W., 35